Dreamweaver Has Stopped Working

Dreamweaver has stopped working

This is just one of those things that is so weird I had to write about it. I was working on a WordPress theme for a client using Dreamweaver CS3 as usual when all of a sudden Dreamweaver just disappears. Dreamweaver stopped working for no reason, no warning, no error window, it just went away. I try to reopen Dreamweaver and it comes up for about three seconds then just disappears again. I begin to panic a little because I am right in the middle of making a website for a regular client. I of course start thinking about the phone call I will have to make telling them that I can’t finish the project by the deadline because my software has disappeared, real professional. I also start thinking about what a drag it will be to have to start using notepad and Filezilla or spend the next three hours reinstalling Dreamweaver and losing all my site definitions.

An Easy Fix

First, before anyone reading this commits harikari the solution is stupid easy. One of your files is exactly a multiple of 8,192 bytes. Probably the one you were just working on. For me it was a stylesheet and it was 16,384 bytes, exactly two times 8,912.

Open the file in notepad or anything other than Dreamweaver CS3 and add a few blank lines then save. Dreamweaver will now open for you. You probably want to keep those blank lines in there until you’re done editing otherwise you might hit the magic number again.

Fortunately my first response was on target, I Googled “Dreamweaver won’t open” and hit the first result. Big thanks to Mike Padgett for his report and solution to this strange anomaly. Big thanks also to Adobe Community Expert and author David Powers who found this bug in 2007 and wrote the ever so easy solution on the Macromedia Google Group in a discussion titled Dreamweaver CS3 Crashes At Startup

Another WTF Adobe

This is the second time in one month that an Adobe product has turned on me. A few weeks ago Photoshop would not open, it would just give me the error box that said licensing for this product has stopped working, I’d click OK and the program would close. This was a bit more difficult to diagnose and though I did get around it I have heard that this happens multiple times to many people. I am not ready to fork over $400 for the CS4 just yet and dread having to uninstall the reinstall CS3. I understand the complexity of these applications is immense but Adobe is the god of design applications, I’ve never had a problem with any of their products for years. I think it was Photoshop 3 where if you had more than one file open and tried to close one using the X at the top right, the most recent file opened would go away no matter which one you clicked. That bug got fixed within a few months and was the last weirdness I ever had with one of their products until this month.

I am still on board though I may be looking into GIMP, the open source image editor. Flash, well, theres only one Flash so no alternatives there to speak of. I have tried KompoZer, Bluefish, and Notepad++ but nothing does the job and has everything under the same roof as well as Dreamweaver. Hopefully Adobe CS4 has dealt with these bugs and though someday I will break down and upgrade but not today. Dreamweaver CS3 does the job for me so I’ll just continue on my way… until the next A-bomb.

8,912 bytes, sheesh.

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  1. Great tip Norman – this happened to me not so long ago – I deduced that it was the site directory that I was currently working in that had caused issues (yeah didn’t need to be sherlock holmes to figure that one).

    So I renamed the directory – created a new directory – Dreamweaver opened – and I then downloaded all my files again off the live server….

    Now I know what really happened – 8,192 bytes


  2. Hello Norman,

    It’s funny, I had this problem a long time ago and just deleted the directory. Now I know the real fix. I actually came to your site because I am using your theme on my site. Well, I am going to rip through it, or course :~), but I was at least going to thank you by writing a post with a link on it.

    But, since you are a DW user, I guess I will subscribe and see what you have to say,

    Anyway, thanks for the basic theme; it will be a good starting point for me…

  3. Thanks for posting the fix. It is bizzare that when the CSS file became 8912 bytes pop Dreamwever stopped working! Surely Adobe are aware of this bug.

  4. THANK YOU!! This just happened to me and I’d restarted the computer, scratched my head, becoming short of breath thinking of the dramas I was about to be required to launch into – when a Google search turned up this page. Gosh, who would know this! Well, you and Mike Padgett for starters. Thanks again SO very, very much.

  5. THANK YOU SOOOO VERY MUCH! It is 4 am and I was about to freak out when I came across you post. You are awesome – thanks for sharing!!!

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