TypeKit – HTML fonts for Web Designers Who Don’t Like HTML Fonts


Checking out a new service called TypeKit. If you are a web designer then you know well the fact that you are quite limited in what fonts are available when using HTML. SEO Web Design is the practice of making pretty sites that are also optimized for the search engines, too bad you can’t use pretty fonts without using images. Alt tags help but it just isn’t as effective as good old HTML text. Continue reading “TypeKit – HTML fonts for Web Designers Who Don’t Like HTML Fonts”

Introduction to Web Design

Web Design is a gigantic subject. There are so many aspects to web design that it is absolutely impossible to cover the entire subject in one blog. Not only are there an endless amount of sub topics, design in itself is so very subjective that any one tutorial or definition can be interpreted in as many ways as there are people blogging about it. Design in itself is abstract, it covers every realm; clothing, architecture, industry, advertising, the body, the mind, and of course the web. Web design covers not only the layout and imagery used to make a website, it also deals with the organization and presentation of textual content, the software and tools used as well as the psychology of perception and human behavior. All and all, design is the attempt to guide the perception of the observer to whatever end the designer intends and website design is no different. Continue reading “Introduction to Web Design”