TypeKit – HTML fonts for Web Designers Who Don’t Like HTML Fonts


Checking out a new service called TypeKit. If you are a web designer then you know well the fact that you are quite limited in what fonts are available when using HTML. SEO Web Design is the practice of making pretty sites that are also optimized for the search engines, too bad you can’t use pretty fonts without using images. Alt tags help but it just isn’t as effective as good old HTML text. Continue reading “TypeKit – HTML fonts for Web Designers Who Don’t Like HTML Fonts”

5 Common Ailments of SEO Neglect

Everyone knows what a search engine is. Well, my 81 year old mom has a little trouble with the concept but pretty much everyone who has surfed the internet knows what Google and Yahoo are. By the same token, a lot of people know what SEO is or what it means to optimize a website for a search engine. Unfortunately there are a lot of misconceptions of what proper SEO entails. Continue reading “5 Common Ailments of SEO Neglect”

How to Build a CMS

A CMS or Content Management System is a type of web site that allows the user to edit content without having to know HTML. Standard blogging software like WordPress is basically a CMS that displays the content in reverse chronological order. On that note here is a very cool technique using PHP, HTML, JavaScript and a very cool, free, text editor called TinyMCE. This technique will show you how to build a CMS or content management system for a website that stores the content in text files.There are definitely better ways to do this but I am keeping it as simple as possible to show the technique in its most basic form. Continue reading “How to Build a CMS”

How to Make a Website for Beginners

Learning how to make a website may seem a bit like re-inventing the wheel however, knowing the basics of how to make a website will definitely be an asset. Even if you plan on using a free blog service such as blogger or WordPress, knowing just a little HTML and CSS will enable you to tweak your code and personalize your online presence. Or if you are like me, you can become obsessed and spend everyday and most nights in front of a computer screen trying to keep up with the never ending onslaught of new ways to build and use websites. Continue reading “How to Make a Website for Beginners”