Dreamweaver Has Stopped Working

Dreamweaver has stopped working

This is just one of those things that is so weird I had to write about it. I was working on a WordPress theme for a client using Dreamweaver CS3 as usual when all of a sudden Dreamweaver just disappears. Dreamweaver stopped working for no reason, no warning, no error window, it just went away. I try to reopen Dreamweaver and it comes up for about three seconds then just disappears again. I begin to panic a little because I am right in the middle of making a website for a regular client. I of course start thinking about the phone call I will have to make telling them that I can’t finish the project by the deadline because my software has disappeared, real professional. I also start thinking about what a drag it will be to have to start using notepad and Filezilla or spend the next three hours reinstalling Dreamweaver and losing all my site definitions. Continue reading “Dreamweaver Has Stopped Working”

Adobe CS3 – Licensing for this product has stopped working


WTF Adobe. I just spent an entire day trying to fix a bizzare licensing issue with Adobe CS3 and it seems I am not alone.

I was just working along as usual, I had Photoshop and Dreamweaver open like I always do when all of a sudden I get a popup that says “Licensing for this product has stopped working. You cannot use this product at this time. You must repair the problem by uninstalling and then reinstalling this product or contacting your IT administrator or Adobe customer support for help.” Continue reading “Adobe CS3 – Licensing for this product has stopped working”